Book That In can save you a bunch of time by sending out transactional emails to your customers, so you don't have to.

By default, Book That In always sends a booking confirmation email to your customers when they book with you - but it can also send emails in other circumstances, such as to confirm a cancellation, a refund or a transfer, or to tell people that you have set up a new term or event date and provide them with a booking link.

You can customise all these emails by going to Business --> Company Settings --> Emails. (Full instructions are below).

By customising these emails, you can ensure they are tailored to your business and communicate the exact information you want to share with your customers or staff.

See video below for instructions on how to edit your automated email templates.

The dynamic fields that bring in information about the specific booking in an email are called 'merge tags'. You can see a list of all merge tags you can use in emails here.

Need to tailor your emails to show different information, depending on the Address or Booking Type? See how to tailor your emails further here.

Steps to Customise Automated Emails:

1. Access the Company Settings:

   a. Navigate to the "Business" menu.

   b. Click on "Company Settings" or use the "Company Settings" shortcut button on your homepage.

2. Go to the Email Tab:

   a. Once in "Company Settings," click on the "Email" tab, which is on the right-hand side halfway through your options.

3. Select the Email Template to Edit:

   a. A list of different types of emails that the system can send out will be displayed. These include booking confirmation emails, cancellation emails, trial emails, transfer emails, etc.

   b. Click on the type of email you want to edit. It will expand to show you the different emails within that category, with the subject line, and in what situation the email will be sent out.

4. Identify the Relevant Template:

   a. Note that there are different templates for customer booking emails and admin emails. Templates that start with "customer" are the emails sent to your customers, while those starting with "admin" are the ones sent to you. If it doesn't say either, it's an email sent to your customers.

   b. For example, if you want to customise the email sent to customers when they book a group event, find the relevant template (e.g. "Customer Group Booking Confirmation").

5. Editing the Template:

   a. Click on the "edit" icon next to the template you want to customise.

   b. In the editing page, you'll see various fields that can be customised.

6. Customising Sender Information:

   a. "Sender Name" is the name that appears on your customer's device as the sender of the email. Typically, it will just say your business name.

   b. "Sender Email" should be left blank in most cases. If it's blank, the email will come from Do not enter your email address unless you've authenticated your domain with "Book That In." If you are interested in doing this, get in touch with support for guidance on sending from your own email address.

   c. "Reply-To Email" should be your email address. If customers reply to the confirmation email, their replies will go to this address.

7. Customising Email Content:

   a. You can customise the default subject line and the message body.

   b. Within the default text, you'll see words enclosed in curly brackets, like {customername} or {company}. These are merge tags that will be replaced with relevant information for each specific booking.

   c. Don't remove these tags as they provide essential booking information to your customers.

   d. To see other available merge tags, type an open curly bracket and start typing keywords like "address," "booking," or "cost." The system will show you related merge tags. Or you can view a list of merge tags here.

   e. You can format the text, make it bold or italic, change the font size, add links, and even add images by providing a URL to an image hosted online.

8. Save Your Changes:

   a. After customising the email template, click "Save" to save your changes.


You have successfully customised the automated emails that are sent out by the "Book That In" system. This personalisation ensures that the communications reflect your brand's voice and provide the necessary information for your customers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support team at Thank you!