Book That In makes it really easy for your customers to choose what they want to book with you. 

The default booking widget allows your customer to choose which location you operate at and it then displays all the booking options at that location.

But what if it is more important for your customers to decide what they book based on what Day of the Week the event is on, or what type of event you are offering?

This is where Booking Categories come in.

You can put your events, classes, appointment or subscriptions into different booking categories, which are fully customisable to your business.  

This tutorial on using categories will guide you through the process of creating and using categories to enhance your customers' booking experience.
Categories help customize the way your customers find events, classes, or booking options that best suit your business. 

This video shows you how to set up your categories:

1: Log in to your "Book That In" account and go to the "Business" section.

a. Navigate to "Group Overview."

b. Identify the types of classes or events you offer (e.g., online music class, craft class).

2: Editing Event Types and Adding Categories

  1. 8. Edit each event type by clicking on it.
  2. Scroll down to find the "Category" field (currently set to "no category").
  3. Click "Add New Category."
  4. Provide a name and description for the category (e.g., "Online Music Classes").
  5. Customize the description to include details relevant to your business.
  6. Click "Create," then "Next," and finally "Save."
  1. Repeat the process for other event types (e.g., craft classes).

3: Displaying Categories on Booking Page  

  1. 15. Return to the "Business" section and find "My Booking Widget.
  2. Under your widget settings, locate "Location View" and "Category View.
  3. Choose "Category View" to display the newly created categories.
  4. Customers will see these categories and the classes linked to them.

4: Changing Category Order 

  1. Access your business company settings.
  2. Click on "Booking Categories."
  3. Find the categories you created (e.g., online music classes, craft classes).
  4. To change the order, click and drag the category with the left-click arrow.
  5. Adjust the order to your preference (e.g., move "Craft Classes" above "Online Music Classes").

5: Viewing Changes 

Return to your booking page to see the updated order of categories.

Refresh the page if necessary to apply changes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at