You can send emails directly to your customers in Book That In - either to individuals, or as mass emails to a list.

When the emails go out, each customer will receive a personalised, individual email and won't see anyone else's email addresses.

There are 2 places in Book That In from which you can send emails:

1) Send emails to attendees of a particular class/event, or a specific date in a class term or series of events.

This is done from the Group Overview area:

  1. Go to the Group Overview
  2. Find the class term or event date in question
  3. Click the 'Actions' dropdown
  4. Select 'Email Attendees'
  5. Choose the date or 'All Attendees'
  6. Complete the subject and email content
  7. Click Send

2) Send emails to individuals or to a wider list of customers.

You can send emails from the Client Area. Using the filter options, you can bring up a list of customers from a single individual to a list of hundreds, and you can send an email to everyone in that list.

For example, you can bring up a list of clients who have booked at a particular venue or who have booked a particular Booking Type.

Note: You cannot easily select customers who have attended a specific class/event or date from the Client area - you will need to use Option 1 for that.


  1. Go to Business --> My Clients
  2. Client on the square, green 'filter' icon on the left
  3. Choose your filter options to bring up the customers you want to email
  4. Click 'Select All' to select all customers in the list, or select customers individually by clicking on the white square next to their name
  5. Click the 'Email Selected' button that appears
  6. Fill in the subject and email content, then click send.