Book That In allows you to add unlimited staff members to your account, and give them different access permissions. 

Role Permission Options include:

Limited: Access to their own work calendar, but nothing more.

Booking Admin: Access to their own work calendar, plus the Group Overview (inc. attendance registers and Group Event edit permissions). They will only see Group Events for which they are the linked staff member. This level doesn't allow access the Clients area.

Company Admin: This gives full access, the same as main company owner.

Tip: if you don't need to give your staff access to your company data, you can add them but leave the email blank. You can then assign them as the teacher for their classes/events but they won't have access.

This video explains how to set up staff or teachers on your account:

Adding a Staff Member to Your Account:

  1. Log into your Book That In account and go to the Business Menu > Click "My Staff": 

  2. There is also a shortcut or option available on your dashboard or main menu.

  3. Add New Staff: Look for the option to add new staff members within the "My Staff" section.

  4. Enter Details:

    • Name: Input the name of the new staff member (e.g., "Test Teacher").
    • Description: Add a description for internal reference.
    • Email: Enter the email address associated with the new staff member.
  5. Choose the access level you wish to give the staff member:

    • Limited: Grants access only to their own calendar/diary.
    • Booking Admin: Access to group overviews and specific group events in addition to their calendar.
    • Company Admin: Full access to the entire account.
    • Click on "Create" to generate an invitation email for the new staff member.

  6. Accepting the invitation:

  7.     The staff member should open the received email and click on the invitation link.

    • If not logged in, register as a new user using the provided link.
    • Input the name, email, and password for the new account.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Link Diaries:

  • Specify the personal and work diaries to link to the account.
  • Confirm linking to the appropriate diary.
  1. Save: After linking diaries, save the changes.

  2. Accessing the Account:

  3. Log in using the newly created staff member's credentials.

  4. Depending on the access level assigned, the staff member will see their calendar or gain access to company settings and bookings.

  5. Verification: As a company admin, you can verify the new staff member's access level by checking if they can view all bookings within the company settings.

As always, if you need any support with this process please get in touch with us via or using the chat function.