The Group Overview is a comprehensive area in 'Book That In' that is geared towards users who manage group events. These are events where more than one person can register or book. This could range from workshops and fun days to regular classes and courses.

In the video below, we introduce you to the Group Overview, which is where you will manage all your Group Events, be they classes, events, workshops or other group sessions.

From the Group Overview, you can do all manner of things, such as:

  1. See an Overview of all your Group Events, along with reporting on performance
  2. View Attendance Registers
  3. Edit Group Events
  4. Create New Group Events
  5. Email attendees
  6. See Extras sold
  7. Hide or Archive Events
  8. Switch events to 'Waiting List Only'
  9. Notify Waiting Lists

And lots more!

This video gives you an introduction to the Group Overview and shows you how navigate around it to do these things:

What can you do with the Group Overview?

  • Accessing the Group Overview:
    • Click on the 'Group Overview' shortcut from the home screen, OR
    • Use the business menu at the top and select 'group overview'.

  • View Current Classes and Events:
    • Shows ongoing or upcoming classes/events.
    • Group Events are grouped by and listed under their location.
    • Display the dates or terms under each group event.

  • Reporting Features:
    • Shows number of attendees versus total capacity.
    • Displays revenue across all bookings.
    • Provides a breakdown of the fees paid to 'Book That In'.
    • Option to input overheads and calculate profit/loss.

  • Managing and Navigating:
    • Use filters to refine the view:
      • Toggle 'hide past events' to view historical events.
      • Use the 'Show Archived' feature to see previously archived events.
      • Employ filters like location, category, staff member, or start date range.

  • Edit and Manage Group Event TYPE:
    • Pencil icon: Edit group event details, such as name, description, category, location and age range.
    • Chain link icon: Generate booking links (both public and private).
    • Options menu allows:
      • Adding new date blocks.
      • Editing price bands
      • Editing custom booking fields (booking questions) specific to that group event.
      • Archiving (deleting) or un-archiving the event.

  • Manage Date Blocks:
    • Pencil icon: Edit dates/terms details, such as dates, times, capacity, trials and other settings.
    • Chain link icon: Generate booking links (both public and private).
    • 'People' icon: View register of attendees.
    • Access a range of actions from the Actions menu, such as:
      • Exporting the register.
      • Emailing all attendees.
      • Manually adding bookings.
      • View Cancellations
      • View Extras Sold
      • Show/Hide the block from widgets.
      • Setting the block to waiting-list only.
      • Archiving (or un-archive) specific date blocks.

  • Additional Action Buttons:
    • Action Buttons appear as and when applicable, depending on the class/event's setup.
    • Functions include processing auto re-enrolments, sending notification emails for a new block, or notifying a waiting list.