When you make a booking through Book That In, you retain full control and ownership of your data.

When you complete a booking form, you are sharing that data with the company with which you are booking - but you still own that data. 

This means you can update or delete that data at any time you wish from your own account.

Deleting and Updating Data

If you wish to delete the data you have stored in Book That In, you can do that either by deleting your account, or by deleting the data you share with certain companies. You can also update the data you share with certain companies.

This video shows you how to do this:

This video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to control and manage your personal data within the 'Book That In' system. T

Step by Step Instructions to update or delete your personal data:

  1. Access your account settings any of these ways: 
    1. Log in to your account at bookthatin.com. 
    2. Go to the account settings area. You can access this by clicking on the green button on the home screen or by clicking on your profile at the top of the page. 
    3. Click on your email address in the top right to open your account settings area.
  2. Delete your entire account (if desired): 
    1. In the account settings area, you will see a red button labelled "Delete Account." 
    2. Click on this button if you want to delete all of your data held on 'Book That In'. 
    3. Please note that this action will delete your entire account, including any bookings you've made and your data. The companies you've booked with will no longer have access to your name and contact details. If you own a company that you take bookings through, you will no longer have access to that company.
  3. Update your profile: 
    1. In the account settings area, click on "Update Your Profile." 
    2. You will have the option to update your name, address, and phone number on your account.
  4. Update the data you share with certain companies: 
    1. In the account settings area, click on the tab labelled "Data I Share." 
    2. This will show you all the different companies that you share your data with. 
    3. Click on one of the companies to view the data they have access to. 
    4. If you need to change your name, number, or opt in and out of different things, you can do that from this page and click "Update."
  5. Update data for individual bookings: 
    1. In the account settings area, click on individual bookings to see any bookings you've made. 
    2. You can update the data for each booking by changing the information and clicking "Update Data."
  6. Delete specific data fields: 
    1. In the account settings area, you can delete specific data fields by clicking the little trashcan icon on the right-hand side of each field. 
    2. Once you've deleted the desired fields, click "Update Booking."
  7. Close the account settings area once you have finished updating or deleting your data.

Contact support if you have any further questions by emailing support@thebookthatin.com.