As a Franchisor, you will need to take your franchise management fee from your franchisees.

At month end, it can be a long and arduous task to total up all the fees due, and to then invoice and possibly even chase for payment.

No longer!

With Book That In, you can automatically take payment from your Franchisees at source, when each booking is processed. 

You can take your Franchisor Fee as a percentage of your franchisee's revenue, or as a fixed fee per booking - or both.

This works for all booking types: Classes, Events, Appointments and Subscriptions.

From your Franchise Report, you can see exactly what revenue your franchisees have taken in any given month and you can see what Franchise Fees you have taken as well. This makes it super quick and easy to raise an invoice at the end of each month for your fees.

NB. The invoice is for your franchisee's records only, as you will have already collected the funds at the time of booking automatically.

How it works

First you will need to make sure your Franchisees are all set up on Book That In and that their accounts are linked to yours as the Franchisor.


  1. Navigate to your Franchise Report here:
         Business menu --> Company Settings. Click on the 'Franchise Report' button in the top right hand corner
  2. You will see a list of your franchisees. 
  3. Click 'Actions' and 'Manage Fees' at the right side of a Franchisee.
  4. Set the fee as you require. 
  5. Click Save.

And you're done!

From now on, you will automatically receive your Franchisor Fee into your Stripe account whenever a Franchisee takes a booking.

Here is a video to introduce you to the automated Franchisor Fee functionality:

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