Once you have created a subscription, you can edit all details on your subscription, except for the amount charged or the frequency. 

There is a way to change the amount people pay through a subscription - this is done using our transfer option (see below).

By selecting your subscription, and click 'edit' in the top right hand corner, you can quickly edit the:

  • name
  • description
  • location / address
  • 'Booking Warning'
  • Capacity
  • Minimum subscription period (only applies to future bookings)
  • Age range
  • Custom booking fields

You can also archive a subscription, or hide it from your booking widget page.

We limit your ability to change the amount and frequency of a subscription in order to prevent you from mischarging your customers by mistake: if we allowed you to edit the cost/frequency on a subscription, it would change for all existing subscribers as well as new customers. This may accidentally break the terms of your agreement with them. 

If you need to change the subscription, you can create a new subscription option for new customers and, if you wish to change the charging for existing customers as well, you can transfer them to the new subscription.

The video below shows you how to edit a subscription and also how to transfer people to a new subscription in order to change the amount they pay: