Every time a customer makes a booking with you through book that in, the system will send a confirmation email to the them to confirm the booking details. 

The system can also send a notification email to you as the business owner, and/or staff member responsible for the event, every time someone books with you, or cancels a booking.

This Video explains how Admin Email Notifications work and how you can switch them on:

You can switch on these emails from your Company Settings. Then:

1) Click 'edit' in the top right corner.

2) Switch 'Send Admin Emails' to Yes if you want the Staff member to receive an email when a booking is made

3) Switch 'Send Admin Emails to Company Owner' to Yes if you wish to receive them as the company owner.

4) Click Next twice, then Save.

Please note:

a) If you are the Staff Member AND the Company Owner, you only need to switch 'Send Admin Emails' to Yes

b) If your Staff Member doesn't have an email address associated with their account, emails will go to the Company Owner instead, if 'Send Admin Emails' is set to Yes.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via our chat function or via support@bookthatin.com