If you or your customer wish to change the time or day or an appointment, after it has been booked, it is easy for you to do this.

This video walks you through how to transfer or move an appointment booking:

Step by Step:

  1. Login at bookthatin.com
  2. Go to Business --> Manage Staff
  3. Click on the Staff Member with whom the appointment has been booked
  4. Click on 'Diary' at the top
  5. Find the appointment in the calendar and double-click it to open it up in a pop up
  6. Click 'Transfer Appointment'
  7. From the dropdown on the next screen, select the date you wish to move the appointment to.
  8. Select the Time Slot for the moved booking
  9. Click 'Move'

The system will move the appointment, freeing up the original time slot in your diary for someone else to book. 

It WON'T send an email to your customer to confirm the transfer, so you should let the customer know that this has been done.