In short, Link (provided by Stripe, our payment processing partner) offers a streamlined and efficient checkout process, enhancing and speeding up the purchasing experience for your customers which helps businesses to optimise conversions and revenue.

The Link feature also incurs reduced fees to you, the business owner, when it is used by your customers. 

By using the link option, you will only be charged 1.2% plus 20p, compared to the normal Stripe fees of 1.5% plus 20p.

We encourage you to suggest the Link option to your customers as it adds simplicity and ease to their payment process, and saves you money.

In this video, Tim will demonstrate the new link integration feature in Stripe and how it will appear to your customers:


Stripe's Link Payment Option: A Summary

  • Purpose: Stripe's Link is designed to facilitate one-click checkouts for customers.

  • Benefits for Customers:
    1. Autofill Feature: Link saves and autofills payment information, eliminating the need for customers to manually enter these details every time.
    2. Diverse Payment Options: As with regular Stripe payments, customers can use various funding sources with Link, such as credit cards and debit cards.
    3. Self-Service Portal: Customers can visit to modify their account details, view their purchase history, or contact the Link customer support team.
    4. Authentication: Link uses a combination of email addresses, phone numbers, or browser cookies to detect enrolled customers. They then receive a one-time passcode for session authentication. Once authenticated, their payment details are autofilled, enabling a one-click payment experience.
    5. Flexibility: After enrolling with Link, customers can add backup payment methods and modify shipping addresses.

  • Benefits for Businesses:
    1. It's CheaperLink payments incur fees of 1.2% plus 20p, compared to the normal Stripe fees of 1.5% plus 20p.
    2. Seamless Integration: Link is automatically enabled on Book That In - you don't need to do anything.
    3. Instant Authorisation: For qualified Link bank payments, businesses receive an immediate authorisation response, and the funds settle in their account within two business days.