As a business owner using the Book That In platform, you might want to manage your customers' email preferences, especially if they contact you directly with a request. This guide will walk you through how to manage these settings for your customers and what the settings actually do.

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A Quick Note on Essential vs. Optional Email Communications:

  • Essential Communications: These are automated emails from Book That In related to bookings. Examples include confirmation, cancellation, transfer, or trial attendance emails. Customers cannot opt out of these as they're crucial for service delivery.
  • Optional Communications: These are additional emails you might send from various sections like the Client Area or Group Overview. They could be about marketing, classes, events, or purchasing extra products. For GDPR reasons, customers must have the ability to opt out of these emails.

This video shows you how to manage your customers' email opt-in settings:

How to Manage Email Preferences for Your Customers:

  1. Access the Client Area:
    1. Navigate to the "Business" menu.
    2. Select "My Clients". This will display your client area.
  2. Locate the Customer:
    1. Click on the green "Filter" button.
    2. Use the available filter options, like entering their email address, to narrow down the list and locate the desired customer.
    3. Once found, click on the customer's name on the left side of the screen.
  3. Understanding the Opt-in/Opt-out Symbols:
    • Next to the customer's name at the top right:
      • A green "tick" signifies they are currently subscribed to your emails.
      • A red "cross" indicates they have opted out and are unsubscribed.
  4. Changing the Customer's Email Preference:
    1. If the customer is currently subscribed (green tick), you can click the button next to it to unsubscribe them. This will change the tick to a red cross.
    2. If the customer has opted out (red cross), you can click the button next to it to resubscribe them, changing the cross back to a green tick.
  5. Sending Emails to Multiple Clients:
    1. If you attempt to send an email to a list of clients, and some have opted out, the system will automatically exclude those who have unsubscribed.
    2. The system will notify you about the clients who didn't receive the email due to their opt-out preference.