Book That In is an online booking system that gives you all the functionality that the big boys get with their expensive, bespoke systems - and often more - all at Small Business Prices

• We keep our pricing simple and fair.

• No monthly subscription.

• No minimum period or tie-ins.

• Just a simple and small fee of 1.5% per booking*.

• So you only pay when you use it.

Payment Processing

Payments are processed by Stripe, who charge 1.5% + 20p per booking (or 1.2% + 20p when using Link, which is an option offered through Book That In).

Total Cost

Book That In + Stripe Fees = 3% + 20p per booking. No hidden extras.

*We can offer fixed rate options to bigger companies, for whom the 1.5% fee may become unreasonable. Please contact if this applies to you.