This tutorial provides business owners with detailed instructions on how to use the 'Book That In' system to locate client details. 

This is crucial for various business needs like finding contact details, sending out emails or checking booking history.

The tutorial explains how to find individual contact records, how to access a list of all your customers, how to filter this list based on specific criteria, and what steps to follow to send out emails or check booking histories.

This video walks you through finding client info and building a client list:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Accessing the Client List

  1. Navigate to the Client List: You have two options to reach the client list.
    • Go to the shortcut that says "Clients" under Business shortcuts.
    • Or, click on "Business" and then go to "My Clients" under the menu.
  1. Initiate a Search:
    • When the page opens, you will see a message saying you haven't searched for any clients yet.
    • Click on the green filter button to start a search.
  1. View All Customers:
    • If you wish to see a full list of all your customers, simply click the filter button without changing any options.

Filtering the Client List

  1. Build a Customised List: Utilise the various filter options to customise your list.
    • To find an individual, you can search by their first name, surname, email address or Participant name.
      • e.g.: For businesses running children's classes, you can normally use the participant name field to search for the child's name.
    • You can use the address dropdown to display clients who have booked at a particular location.
    • The Booking Type dropdown allows you to view clients who have booked a specific type of class/event/subscription/appointment.
  1. Use the Date Field for Filtering:
    • The system also allows you to filter based on the first date in any booking.
    • Provide a start date and an end date for your search to display relevant bookings.
      • For date-based searches: The filtering searches using the first date in any booking, so you need to ensure any date range includes the start date of the bookings you wish to display.

Viewing Individual Client Details

  1. Access Client Information:
    • Once your search results are displayed, click on the customer name on the left-hand side.
    • This will display all their contact details, and you can also subscribe or unsubscribe them from your ad hoc emails here.
    • You'll find tabs showing their booking history and any cancellations if present.

Sending Emails to Clients

  1. Select Clients for Emailing:
    • Tick the boxes next to the client names you wish to email.
    • Click the "Email Selected" button to send an email to all ticked clients.

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