In this tutorial, we'll guide you through setting up a subscription option for a weekly class that allows participants to pay on a monthly basis. This is useful if your classes run termly but you want to offer a flexible payment option.

Key Features:

  1. Take regular payments automatically - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  2. Set maximum number of subscribers to make sure you don't go over capacity
  3. Set Cancellation Notice Period so people can't cancel without notice
  4. Set Free Trial Period or Delayed Start Date
  5. Set a minimum subscription period.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access the Subscriptions Area

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions Area:

    • From the main menu or main page, click on the "Subscriptions" shortcut.
    • If you have existing subscriptions, you'll see them listed. If not, the page will be blank.
  2. Add a New Subscription Type:

    • Click the button labeled "Add New Subscription Type".

Step 2: Set Up the Subscription Details

  1. Copy from Existing Subscription (Optional):

    • If you have a similar existing subscription, use the "Copy from" option to save time.
    • Otherwise, start from scratch by selecting the option to create a new subscription.
  2. Fill Out Subscription Fields:

    • Online Field: Indicate if the session is hosted online. Set to "No" for face-to-face classes.
    • Subscription Name: Enter the class name, including important details like day, time, area, and frequency (e.g., "Tuesday 4 PM Weekly Yoga Class").
    • Description: Provide a concise description (e.g., "A great class with wonderful activities. Sign up for a monthly subscription with a one-month cancellation notice.").
  3. Add an Image (Optional):

    • Attach an image to represent your class. This is optional but can be helpful for visual appeal.
  4. Booking Warning:

    • Add any additional information you want included in the subscription confirmation email. This is specific to this subscription and will display in addition to the default content confirming booking, cost, location etc.
  5. Address:

    • Select an existing address from the drop-down or create a new one if necessary.

Step 3: Define Pricing and Payment Options

  1. Cost:

    • Set the fee amount and the frequency (e.g., £30 per month). You can choose other frequencies, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually.
  2. One-Time Costs:

    • If applicable, add any one-time fees (e.g., a membership fee). Leave blank if not needed.
  3. Delay Start Date:

    • Free Trial Period: Offer a free trial period (e.g., one week free).
    • Set Start Date: Alternatively, set a future start date for the first payment.

Step 4: Cancellation and Capacity Settings

  1. Cancellation Period:

    • Specify the notice period for cancellation (e.g., one month). This means the subscription will end one month after the cancellation request.
  2. Class Capacity:

    • Set the maximum number of participants (e.g., 15 people).
  3. Minimum Subscription Period:

    • If desired, set a minimum commitment period (e.g., three months - this prevents cancellations within the first three months).

Step 5: Finalise Subscription Setup

  1. Category:

    • Assign the subscription to an existing category or create a new one (e.g., "Children's Classes").
  2. Show on Widget:

    • Choose to display the subscription on your booking page or website.
  3. Age Limits:

    • Set age limits if applicable (e.g., 1-5 years old).
  4. Participant Name:

    • Enter the participant's name field (e.g., "Child").
  5. Additional Questions:

    • Add any extra booking questions specific to this subscription. Skip this if existing questions suffice.

Step 6: Save and Share the Subscription

  1. Save the Subscription:

    • Click "Save" to finalize your subscription setup.
  2. Get the Direct Link:

    • Obtain a direct booking link to share with participants.
  3. View on Booking Widget:

    • Check the subscription option on your booking widget, either by location or category view.


You've now successfully set up a subscription option for your weekly class, allowing participants to pay monthly. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact support at

Thank you for following this tutorial!