You will normally want your customers to book via your branded booking page - what we call your 'widget' - the link for which you can find at

Sometimes you may want to create a private group event however - either to give current customers a priority booking window when creating a new term/block, or perhaps for a private session for a nursery or a group of individuals.

It is possible to remove a Class or Event from your widget, so it doesn't display on your website or your booking page, and customers can book with a hidden or private link.

How to Hide a Group Event

  1. Go to your Group Overview
  2. Find the class in question and click the 'Actions' dropdown
  3. Select 'Hide from Widget'

(NB. You can edit the event from the Actions dropdown again and select 'Show on Widget' to reverse this)

When you do this, your class or event disappears from your widget, but it is still live on the Book That In website, and bookings can be made there.

You can send your customers specific links to your Booking Types on the Book That In website using the built in 'Booking Links' in your admin area. (If you want to send your customers to your branded Booking Widget, see 'Creating Deep Links to your Booking Widget'.)

There are a few different levels for the Booking Links. You can find them using the following directions. You will see two 'Booking Link' links, one takes you directly to the page, copies the link to your click:

  1. Company Level Link
    This will show the customer either a list of your locations, or a list of all your booking options if you only have one location.
    Find this at Business --> Company Settings. You will see the 'Booking Links' on the right hand side of the page.

  2. Address Level Link
    This will show your customers all booking types available at a specific address
    Find this at Business --> Company Settings. Click on the Addresses tab. Each address has 'chain link' icon next to it. Click that to get your Booking Links.

  3. Group Event Type Level
    This will show your customer all booking options for a specific TYPE of Class, Event or Appointment Type.

    For Group Events:
    Find this on your Group Overview. Each Type of Group Event displays as the bold, centred sub-header.  Click the 'chain link' icon next to it to get your Booking Link.

    For Appointments and Subscriptions:
    Find this at Business --> My Booking Types —> Appointments/Subscriptions). Click on the Booking Type on the left hand side and you will see the ‘Booking Link’ on the right side.

  4. Term or Event Date Level
    This will send your customer directly to the booking form for a specific group event.

    Find this on your Group Overview. Click on the 'chain link' icon to the right side of the term/block/date row to get your Booking Link.

    Warning: This will take people straight to the booking page, even if the event is full. It won't let people complete the booking, but it won't stop them until after they have completed the booking form.

TIP: These Booking Links are quite long and email providers sometimes break them up so they don't work in emails occasionally. Prevent this from happening by creating a short-link with a provider such as