Once your classes are running, you may want to open up bookings for the next block or term early, in order to give your existing customers a chance to book before you allow new customers to book a place.

We call this 'priority booking' or a 'priority window'.

You can do this by creating a new class/term from the Group Overview.

You need to use the 'Copy From' option on the dates/term creation stage to link to a previous term or block, and you should set 'Show on Widget' to No, so that new customers do not see the new term on your website and cannot book it.

You can then use the in-built auto email functionality to notify your existing customers and send them a bespoke link to a 'hidden' booking page so that they can book early.

When you want to open up bookings to new customers, you just need to edit the Class Term/Block and change 'Show on Widget' to Yes.

This video shows you how to set up a new term on an existing class in Book That in, and give your existing attendees/customers a priority booking window before you open up bookings to the public and new customers: