Once your classes are running, you may want to open up bookings for the next block or term early, in order to give your existing customers a chance to book before you allow new customers to book a place.

We call this 'priority booking' or a 'priority window'.

Instructions in Brief:

You can do this by creating a new class/term from the Group Overview. Click on Options --> New Date/Block.

You need to use the 'Copy From' option on the dates/term creation stage to link to a previous term or block.

When creating the new term/block you should either:

    a) Set 'Show on Widget' to No, so that new customers do not see the new term on your website and cannot book it , OR

   b) Set 'Show on Widget' to Yes, and 'Waiting List Only' to Yes, so that new customers can see the new block, but they can only join the waiting list at this stage.

You can then click 'Send Notification Emails' from the Group Overview to use the in-built auto email functionality to notify your existing customers and send them a bespoke link to a 'hidden' booking page so that they can book early.

When you want to open up bookings to new customers, you just need to click on the 'Actions' menu for the block and select 'Show on Widget' or 'Allow Bookings'.

This video shows you how to set up a new term on an existing class in Book That in, and give your existing attendees/customers a priority booking window before you open up bookings to the public and new customers:

Detailed Instructions on how to renew your classes or events and give current customers a priority booking window:

  1. Access Group Overview: Go to the "Business" menu and select "Group Overview."
  2. Select Your Class: Choose the class/event you wish to renew. In the example, this is "Class 1."
  3. Add Date or Block: In the Options menu for your selected class, click "Add Date or Block."
  4. Copy From Previous Term: Use the "Copy From" option to select the term you want to renew. Choose the most recent term from the bottom of the list or use the start date and booking numbers for reference.
  5. Link to Attendees: If the previous block has bookings, you'll see an option to "Link to Attendees." Leave this set to "Yes" to enable the system to email existing attendees with a booking link for the new term.
  6. Set New Block Dates: Choose the start and end dates for the new block. Adjust the start date to a future date.
  7. Confirm Time and Duration: Set the start and end times. If the duration is the same as the previous block, it can be left unchanged.
  8. Verify Class Details: Ensure details like frequency, maximum attendees, number of staff, and overheads are correctly set.
  9. Allow Midterm Bookings (Optional): Decide whether to allow bookings after the block has started.
  10. Set Visibility and Waiting List:
    • Show on Widget: Decide if the new block should appear on your branded booking page.
    • Waiting List Only: Set to "Yes" to allow new customers to join a waiting list, while existing customers can book directly.
  1. Choose Visibility Option:
    • Option 1: Show on widget and set to waiting list only.
    • Option 2: Hide from widget (set "Show on Widget" to "No").
  1. Finalise and Review Dates: Click "Next" after setting visibility options, then review and adjust the dates for the new block if necessary.
  2. Set Pricing: Confirm the session pricing.
  3. Complete Setup: Click "Finish" to set up the new block.
  4. Send Notification Emails: Use the "Send Notification Emails" button to inform previous block attendees about the new term.
  5. Edit Notification Email (Optional): Edit the notification email template if necessary. Remember, changes apply to all future notification emails.
  6. Open Bookings to Public (When Ready):
    • If shown on widget: Use "Allow Bookings" in the actions menu to open up bookings.
    • If hidden from widget: Select "Show on Widget" to make the class visible for booking.

For further assistance or specific inquiries, you can contact support at support@bookthatin.com.