The Auto Re-enrolment functionality in Book That In gives you full control over the re-booking process by allowing you to process re-bookings and payments for the next term of classes, or next event in a series of events. 

It provides you with the perfect blend of payment automation that you might otherwise get from subscriptions, combined with the flexibility of termly bookings, which might require slightly different payment amounts at different times of the year.

You can use the auto-renewal functionality of Book That In to automatically book your customers onto your next term of sessions and charge their card for payment on the date of your choosing.

It saves you and your customers loads of time and hassle, and means that chasing up customers to pay you for a re-booking is a thing of the past!

Your Options: Opt In vs Opt Out

When using auto re-enrolment, the system always sends an email to customers on the previous term/block, informing them that you are taking bookings for the next block.

In that email, you can give your customers the option to either opt in to re-enrolment, or opt out of it. You cannot do a mixture of the two:

  • Opt In: It is assumed your customers are not renewing, so they must click the link in the Auto Renewal email to opt in.
  • Opt Out: It is assumed your customers are renewing, so they must click the link in the Auto Renewal email to cancel the auto renewal.

Set Up:

  1. Decide if you want the Opt Out or Opt In process.
    Go to Company Settings and click Edit in the top right corner.
    For the toggle ‘Auto Re-enrolment’, set it to 'Opt Out' or 'Opt In'.

Overview of the Steps in the Process:

  1. Go to the Group Overview, find your Class/Event you wish to re-enrol, and click 'Options' --> 'Add Date/Block'
  2. Use the 'Copy From' button to link to the 'previous' term/block.
  3. Switch 'Use Auto re-enrolment' to Yes.
  4. Complete the set up of the new term.
  5. Optional: Edit Dates (e.g. to remove half term dates)
  6. Click ‘Send Auto-renewal Emails’ button.
  7. Complete the default 'cost per session' to set a default re-enrolment cost.
  8. Optional: Edit Email
  9. Select the people you wish to include in the re-enrolment process, amend the re-enrolment cost for individuals where necessary, and click 'Send Emails'.
        - The system then sends the ‘Auto Renewal Email’ to customers with the option to cancel (or opt out) of the re-enrolment process.
  10. Wait – Give people a window to cancel/opt in. We recommend about a week or two, but this is up to you.
  11. Come back to the Group Overview and click the ‘Re-enrol Attendees’ button.
  12. System displays a list of all customers you can auto re-enrol. Amend amount to charge where appropriate and click ‘Re-enrol'. You will see in real time as the system books customer in and charges their cards.
  13. System then sends out some auto emails:
    1. Confirmation emails are sent to anyone whose booking has been renewed.
    2. If any card payments fail, it send the ‘Failed Card Payment’ email to those customers with a link to book.
    3. If any payment requires 'Authorisation', it sends an email with a link for the customer to manually complete the payment for re-enrolment.
  14. Optional: Wait – Contact specific people and give them the chance to book manually before you open the class for bookings on your website (e.g. people without a card in the system)
  15. Optional: Click ‘Notify Waiting List’ – system sends ‘Waiting List Notification Email’ to everyone on the waiting list for the Booking Type.
  16. Make sure new term/block is showing on the widget so public can book.



Before starting, check your auto emails say what you want them to say. To view your auto-email templates, go to Company Settings —> Email and click on the email you would like to edit. (You can see this email for more about editing emails: How to edit and customise auto-generated emails)

For the auto renewal process, you will want to check the following emails:

  • Auto Renewal Email
    • If you want to confirm the price of the next term in this email, please make sure the merge tag used for the cost is {GroupBookingFullCost}
    • Make sure the wording reflects if people need to click to cancel (opt out) or renew (opt in).
  • Attendee Notification Email
  • Waiting List Notification Email


What if people want to re-book onto a different class?

In this situation, you have 2 options:

  • Option 1: Re-enrol the customer onto the current class, and then move their booking from the attendance register of the new term. If the cost of the new class is different, you can add/refund the difference during the re-enrolment process.
  • Option 2: Remove customers who want to move classes from the re-enrolment process and send them a direct link to book onto the different class manually. Booking links to a specific term will work whilst renewals are being processed.