Price Bands allow you to set up different ticket or booking options and add the option for your customer to purchase ‘extras’ at the time of booking. 

They are a great way to add multiple booking options for your customers.

Here are a couple of examples where you might want to use Price Bands:

  1. You are running an event or course and you want to give people the option to book more than 1 place at a time

  2. You are running a holiday camp and need to offer flexible booking options.

  3. You are running a series of classes or events, and any or all of the below apply:
    1. You want to offer people the option to book the full course
    2. You want to offer the option to book a single or drop in session.
    3. You want people to be able to add siblings or extra people to a booking.
    4. You want to offer the option to book multiple sessions at a time, either in a block or on a 'pick and choose' basis.

  4. You want to offer Extras or Upsells, so people can buy products or upgrades when they book.

NB: Price Bands replace the default automated termly cost calculations when linked to a class, but you can create a Price Band that offers the same booking option.

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It's important to understand how Price Bands work on Book That In, in order to make the most out of them.

Price Bands are the booking options that your customers can choose when booking a class or event. They are, in essence, your ticket options.

However, they are separate from your classes and events.

This means you can use the same Price Band on multiple events/classes, and you only need to edit the Price Band once for it to update on ALL the events and classes that use it. This can save you a lot of time.

Watch this video for further explanation: