If your booking types aren't showing up on your Widget, there's a couple of common reasons for this. Fortunately both are easy to fix!

1) The Booking Type isn't set to show on Widget

To check if this is happening, do the following:

a) Go to Business --> Group Overview. Find the Class or Event in question

b) Select the Actions Dropdown

c) If you see 'Show on Widget' as an option, choose this and you should now see the event in your widget.

If it is already set to yes, then it may be that:

2) Your Stripe Account Set Up hasn't been completed, or your Stripe account has been disconnected

a) In Book That In, please go to Business —> Overview —> Payment Providers. If it says 'Your Selected Payment Provider has not been fully set up', then this is the issue. 

b) Click on the ‘edit’ button. 

c) Click ‘Connect with Stripe’ and then either login or click ‘login’ in the top right corner to do so.
That should fix it.