The trial functionality in Book That In is designed to save you a whole bunch of time. It does the following:

  1. It allows you to give your customers the option to book a free or paid trial with you.
  2. It automatically emails your customer once you mark them as having attended. 
  3. The email they receive gives them a direct link to book the rest of the term, and when they book the term, the system links the full term booking to the trial booking so that the class capacity is correct.

Watch the video for a quick introduction to trials: 

Key Facts to Understand About How Trials Work in Book That In:

  1. Setting Up Trials:
    • Cost Options: Trials can be set up with or without a cost (e.g., £5 or free).
    • Booking Buttons: Two buttons will appear for customers – one to book the full term and one for the trial.
  1. Booking Process for Customers:
    • Booking Form: Customers use the standard booking form.
    • Voucher Codes: Can be applied to trials with a cost.
    • Terms and Conditions: Must be agreed upon as usual.
    • Confirmation: There is a special email template for trial confirmation emails.
  1. Setting Up Trial Functionality:
    • Access: Through 'group overview' on
    • Add to Existing Class: Add trials via 'edit term' option.
    • Add When Creating New Class: Include trial option in the 'Pricing' stage of creating a new class.
    • Pricing: Set trial price or leave it at zero.
    • Restrictions: Trials only book customer onto the next date in the block/term - the customer cannot choose the date of their trial (the business owner can move a trial later though).
  1. Customer Attendance and Follow-up:
    • Automatic Booking: Book That In auto-books the next date in the series for trials.
    • Attendance Tracking: Yes/No toggle for attendance.
    • Transfer Option: Trials can be moved to a later date if needed.
    • Email Follow-up: After trialist is marked as Yes for attendance, a pop up appears giving you the option to send the 'Trial Attended Email' which invites customers to book the rest of the term with a special link.
    • Place Holding: A trial booking holds a place for the entire term.
    • Cancellation: Trials can be canceled to free up the spot for another customer.
  1. Email Customisation:
    • Trial Emails: There are different email templates for trial booking confirmation and post-attendance.
    • Customisation Option: Editable via the 'Company Settings' area and 'Email' tab.