When a customer books a trial with you, the date of the trial defaults to the next available date in your term/course.

This will be fine in the majority of cases, but occasionally you may want to move the date of the trial. This might happen because your customer misses the trial date but still wants to come along the following week, or just because they can't make the next date and want to pick another.

If this happens, you can move a trial booking in Book That In to the next available date in a term. 

This is how you do this:

  1. After the original trial date has passed, view the class' attendance register
  2. Click the transfer icon (the two arrow icon) next to the booking you want to move
  3. From the dropdown, select the same class that the booking is currently on
  4. Leave 'Send emails' as No and click 'Transfer'
  5. The trial booking will move to the next date in the term

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to move the trial within Book That In to a date beyond the next date available, but you can of course move a booking each week to the next week's slot until they attend. If you use the Yes/No attendance toggle on your registers to keep track of attendance, then you will always know if a trial attendee has used their trial or not.

TIP: You can trigger the automated 'Trial Attended' email from the attendance register on any date - it doesn't matter if the date of the booking is in the past or the future. Simply toggle the attendance to 'Yes' and click save and the email will be sent, giving them the direct link to book on for the rest of the term.