Follow these steps to get yourself set up on Book That In:

Step 1: If you don't have one already, create your Book That In account at

Step 2: Go to and click '+ New Company'

Step 3: Follow the 'Create Company Wizard' - see tutorial video explaining the settings here.

Step 4: Add all addresses at which you operate at - click on the 'Addresses' tab. View tutorial here.

Step 5: Create your booking options! You can add booking options for group events/classes, appointments or subscriptions 

Step 6: OPTIONAL: Add multiple booking options to your classes or events with Price Bands and Extras.

Step 7: Edit your booking widget at - click 'Widget Editor' to change it to add your logo and match your business colours.

Step 8: Set up or Link your Stripe account to take payments (if you didn't do this in Step 2) at - click on the Payment Providers tab.

Step 9: OPTIONAL: Embed your widget on your website.

Step 10: Share your booking link with your customers and start taking bookings!

If you have any questions at all, submit a ticket at