Book That In is really flexible with regards to the questions you ask on your booking form. You can ask as many questions as you want, and you can tailor your questions so you ask different questions for different booking options.

There are also a variety of different formats you can choose for the answers to your questions too, such as free text answers, drop down options, date pickers and check boxes.

Key things to understand:

You can ask questions at Company Level and Booking Type Level:

1. Company level questions

These are questions you create once and are asked on ALL your booking types, be they Group Events, Appointments or Subscriptions.

Click here to learn how to Add Company Level Booking Questions

2. Booking Type Level Questions

These are questions that you set at Booking Type level, and you only ask them for that particular booking type, be it a Group Event, Appointment or Subscription.

Click here to learn how to add booking questions to individual booking types.

Booking Questions can also be asked at 2 'sub-levels':

a) Booking Level

These questions are asked once per booking and are remembered across all bookings made by that account

b) Participant Level

These questions are asked for each Participant being booked in - so may asked multiple times on the same booking if the booking is for multiple participants. The answers to these questions are remembered for that linked participant only.

Note: All questions added at Booking Type Level are asked for each Participant.