Price Bands allow you amazing flexibility when setting up your booking options for your events and classes.

You can use Price Bands so you can offer your customers the option to book a block of classes.

You can offer a discount for block bookings, and in this way they can used to incentivise your customers to book more sessions at once. Some people refer to these as a 'Class Pass'.

With block bookings, which we call 'Fixed Number of Sessions' Price Bands, you set a fixed price for your customer to pay when they book a certain number of sessions.

You can then offer the block in two ways:

1. Consecutive Dates

This means your customer's booking started from the next date in the series, and the block booked will be all consecutive dates after that.

2. Pick and Choose Dates

This means you customer and choose whichever dates they wish from the available sessions that still have capacity.

This video shows you how to set up Price Bands for block bookings:


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