Holiday Camps can require a lot of flexibility when it comes to booking options.

People might want to book a full week, or odd days here and there. They may need to book in multiple children.

It's possible to meet all these requirements by using 'Pick and Choose Dates' Price Bands.

The video below shows you how you can set up a holiday club with different booking options that allows your customers to book any combination of days.

The booking options covered in this video include:

  1. An 'All Sessions' option
    This changes cost automatically, depending on how many sessions are left in the block
  2. A single session option
    This allows the customer to book a single day, and pick their day from all those available and not full
  3. A multi-session option
    This allows the customer to book more than 1 day at a time, and for you to factor in a discount to incentivise them to book more sessions.