In Book That In, we refer to this email as the 'Final Session Attended Email' or 'End of Block Reminder Email'.

Why Use the 'Final Session Attended' Automated Reminder Email Feature?

This reminder email is a valuable tool for businesses, especially those that offer flexibility in booking classes or events. For businesses that provide options like pay-as-you-go classes, block booking options, or even individual sessions, this feature can be invaluable. 

It enables you to automatically reach out to customers when they complete their booking, reminding them to consider booking further sessions. It's a proactive way to encourage repeat business and enhance customer engagement without extra effort on your part.

This video shows you how to use the 'Final Session Attended' Reminder Email:

Steps to Send an Automated Reminder Email at the End of a Booking:

  1. Access Group Overview:
  2. Navigate to "Business" menu at the top and select "Group Overview" to see a list of all your classes or events.

  3. Open the Relevant Register:
  4. Open up the register for the specific class or event in question.
  5. Review Attendances:
  6. The system will default to showing you the next date in the block. Click the 'Yes/No' toggle for each attendee as they come in, to switch it to Yes and mark them as attended.

  7. If a customer has reached the final session in their booking and there are more sessions available in the current block, the system will prompt you with the option to send an automated email. (If they still have future sessions in their current booking, the system will simply mark them as attended).

  8. Send the Automated Email:
  9. If you want to send the reminder email, tick the box labeled "Send Final Session Attended Emails".
  10. Click "Process". An email will be dispatched to the customer, prompting them to make more bookings.

How to Edit the 'Final Session Attended' Reminder Email Template

To Review and Edit the Automated Email Template:

  1. Navigate to the "Business" menu and select "Company Settings".
  2. Access the email template by selecting the "Email" tab on the right and then expanding the "Reminder Emails" option.
  3. Here, you'll find the template for the "End of Block Reminder Email", which is the one we want.
  4. To preview the email, click on the envelope icon. This will send a test email to you with dummy data.
  5. You can modify the content of the email by clicking the 'pencil' edit icon. However, avoid changing any text inside curly brackets since these contain dynamic data.
  6. After editing, click "Save" to finalise your changes.