How to Add or Edit Company Level Booking Questions

Company Level questions are asked on ALL your booking types, be they Group Events, Appointments or Subscriptions.

Company Level questions can be asked at 2 'sub-levels':

a) Booking Level

These questions are asked once per booking and are remembered across all bookings made by that account

b) Participant Level

These questions are asked for each Participant being booked in - so may asked multiple times on the same booking if the booking is for multiple participants. The answers to these questions are remembered for that linked participant only.

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This video tutorial explains how to set up and edit your custom field booking questions at Company Level (so they appear on ALL your booking forms):

Step by Step Instructions to Create/Edit Company Level Booking Questions:

  1. Login to Your Account: Visit and log in to your business account.

  2. Access Booking Form Settings
    • Go to the business menu, then click on 'Company Settings'. On the far right-hand side, click on the option that says 'Booking Form'.
    • Click on the button that says 'Edit Booking Questions' to bring up a screen that allows you to edit the questions on your form.

  3. Configure Default Questions: At the top, you'll see default questions which are typical fields that most businesses will want to use. You can toggle these on or off.
    • Make sure to mark questions as 'Mandatory' if they are required for the booking process.
    • Set questions as 'Waiting List Fields' if you want them to be included on the waiting list form.
  1. Set Participant Field: If you need to collect participant details, you can edit the label for the participant name field. Click on 'Set Participant Field', then edit it as per your requirement (e.g., 'Child's Name' for a tots class).

  2. Add Extra Questions: Scroll down to add extra, custom questions tailored for your business. Click on the button that says 'Add New Field', then:
    • Type in the question you want to ask.
    • Choose whether it's mandatory.
    • Select the type of input (single line text, multi-line text, drop-down, checkbox, date picker, date & time picker).
    • Choose whether to archive the field (hide it for future bookings).
    • Select the field level (Booking or Participant - see above for distinction).
    • Choose whether to include the question in the waiting list form.
    • For data protection fields (e.g., opt-in to marketing emails), mark them as 'Data Protection Field'. These will appear at the bottom of the booking form as checkboxes, and can clients can be filtered by their answers to these questions in the Clients area).
  1. Save: Once you've added and configured all the questions you need, click the 'Save' button.

  2. Test Your Booking Form: Navigate to the booking form on your website and check how the questions appear to your customers. Ensure that all mandatory fields are marked as such.

  3. Contact Support: If you have any questions, contact Book That In support at

NOTE: If you want to tailor your booking questions so they only show on certain types of bookings (e.g., events, classes, appointments, subscriptions), do not add them at Company Level as described in this tutorial. You would add these questions at Booking Type Level - Learn how.