In this tutorial, we'll explore the process of converting a trial booking into a full booking for classes or sessions using Book That In. 

There are three effective methods that you can use in Book That In to ensure trial participants can seamlessly transition to full bookings in your scheduled classes:

Option 1: Send the built-in Trial Attended Email

Option 2: Directly Send the Booking Link

Option 3: Convert the Booking Yourself and Charge their Card

This video walks you through each of the options:

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: Access the Group Overview

  1. Navigate to the Business Menu: Start by clicking on the 'Business Menu' at the top of your interface.
  2. Select 'Group Overview': Click on 'Group Overview' to bring up the relevant screen.

Step 2: Locate the Class

  1. Find the Class: Search for the class you want to manage. 
  2. Open the Register: Click on the register icon, which is marked with little heads, to view the class register.

Step 3: Manage Trial Bookings

  1. Identify Trial Bookings: Look for entries marked as 'trial' on the register, indicating trial bookings. These will show 'held for trial' for future dates.

Step 4: Convert to a Full Booking

Option 1: Send a Trial Attended Email

  1. Toggle Attendance: Click the attendance toggle next to the trialist's name.
  2. Send Email: Confirm sending the 'Trial Attended' email, which includes a link for full booking. This email is generated from a template which can be edited under your company settings (email tab).

Option 2: Directly Send the Booking Link

  1. Access Special Link: Click the dropdown arrow next to the trialist’s entry and select 'Trial Attended Link'.
  2. Copy and Send Link: Copy the generated link and send it to the customer through your preferred method of communication (text, email, etc.).

Option 3: Complete Booking Yourself (Good for Paid Trials)

  1. Update Booking: Navigate to the register, click the little blue dropdown arrow, and select 'Update Booking'.
  2. Convert to Full Booking: Choose the option 'Convert to Full Booking' and select the dates remaining in the block.
  3. Process Payment: If applicable, charge their card directly through the system. If it was a free trial, you won't be able to process payment yourself, so you will need to arrange for another payment method (in this case, we would recommend options 1 or 2).

Step 5: Finalise the Booking

  1. Complete the Conversion: Click 'Complete' to finalize the booking. Ensure to send the confirmation email by ticking the 'Send Email' option, particularly if a payment was processed or if follow-up is required.


Converting a trial booking to a full booking is straightforward with these three methods, accommodating different scenarios and customer actions. These steps ensure that both paid and free trial participants can be efficiently managed and converted into full attendees. 

For any further questions, remember to contact for assistance.