You can use Book That In's inbuilt ‘transfer’ functionality to allow your customers to pay a deposit, or to split payments into to two or more instalments.

Step 1:

Give the customer the option to booking the whole term or event at a discounted rate. You can do this by creating a discount code for the required amount.

e.g. If you want to let your customers pay half now and half later, you would set up a 50% discount code.

Alternatively, you could set the 'Cost per Session' at the reduced, deposit cost.

Step 2:

Collect the 2nd half of the payment when the time comes:

  1. Go to Business —> Booking Types —> Classes/Events
  2. Choose the class/event you want from the left side, and click on ‘Term Dates’/'Event Dates'
  3. Click on the ‘Show Attendance’ icon to the right side of your class/event. (It looks like 3 little heads)
  4. Find the customer you wish to charge and click the transfer icon next to their email address (looks like two arrows)
  5. From the list of classes/events that appears, choose the same one as the customer is on currently, click ’transfer and charge’ and set the amount to the amount due for the 2nd half of term.
  6. Click the transfer button to process the transaction.


Before you take payment for the second instalment, you will want to contact your customer to let them know you will be charging their card for the remainder of the term on that specific date. Ideally you would also tell them this will happen when you give them the initial discount code. 

You may also want to update the ‘Transfer email’ (Business —> Overview —> Emails) so that it tells your customer that they have been charged for the remainder of the term, rather than using the default text that says the booking has been transferred. Then you can use the system’s automated email functionality to notify your customers when payment has been taken.