By default, Book That In will allow people to book a place on your class or event right up to the start date. 

You may decide you want to stop people booking sooner than this - perhaps 24 hours before the event so you have a clear idea of numbers. Or maybe you need to cancel the event or stop bookings for an external reason.

There are a few ways to do this:

1) Keep displaying the Class/Event on your booking page, but trigger the Waiting List to show
Reduce the capacity on your event to the number of tickets already sold and the system will give your delegates the option to join your waiting list, instead of allowing them to book.

  • Go to Business —> Group Overview
  • Click the edit icon next to the class term or event date you wish to edit
  • Change 'Max Attendees' to match number of tickets sold already.
  • Click Save.

2) Hide, Cancel or Archive your event:

  • Hiding the Class/Event from your widget - with this option people can still book via the Book That In website if they wish. It will just stop the event/class from displaying on your website and your branded booking widget page.

  • Cancelling the Class/Event - With this option, no one can book at all, but you can still access the class/event registers etc from your admin area.

  • Archiving the Class/Event - this effectively deletes the event so no one can book it and you do not see it in your admin area. You can still un-archive if needs be.