Book That In It gives you a couple of ways to see who is on booked onto your class or event - you can use the in-built attendance registers, or you can use a client export.

1. Using the Built-in Attendance Register

2. Export your registers

You can export all the information about your attendees on a class or event, - this video walks you through a straight forward export so that you can print it off to take to your class/event, or manipulate the date once in Excel:

Attendance Registers

To access your registers, do the following:

  1. Go to Business --> Group Overview
  2. Find your class or event in the list (if your class/event is in the past, use the filter option in the top right to turn 'current' to No and display all historic groups too).
  3. Click the 'View Attendance' icon on the right hand side - it looks like 3 little heads.
  4. Use the dropdowns on the left hand side to display the fields you wish to show.
  5. If you want to export the register, click 'download attendance' and you can then print the register if you wish

Client Export

To export all current bookings, use the Client Exports:

  1. Go to Business --> My Clients
  2. Client 'Export' in top right corner
  3. Select either 'Current by Address' or 'Current by Staff' to export your current/future bookings - the exports give you tabs across the bottom for addresses or staff.