Sometimes people will want to pay you in cash, or in some other way outside of Book That In - if so, you can still keep a record of the booking in Book That In to make sure you keep everything up to date and in one place. 

Book That In recognises provides a way to manually add bookings, ensuring no client is left out, and your records stay accurate. 

This functionality allows you to add a booking to your register manually, without taking payment through Book That In.

There are 2 ways to add a manual booking:

  1. From the Client Area: The best option to adding a manual Appointment Booking.
    1. Process: Find or add the client, then choose the Appointment, Class or Event to add them to.
  2. From the Group Overview: The best option to add a booking to a Group Event
    1. Process: Find the class/event then choose or add the client to book in.

Please note: it isn't possible possible to add a manual booking to a subscription as subscriptions require card details.

1. Add a Manual Booking From The Client Area

This video shows you how to quickly add a manual booking from the Client Area:

Step by Step Instructions to Add a Manual Booking for an Appointment or Group Event from the Client Area:

  1. Access the Client Area:
  2. Navigate to "Business" menu drop-down and select "My Clients".
  3. Choose the Client:
    1. Find an Existing Client: Click on the green "Filter" button. Search using the booker's first name, surname, email address, or participant name (especially useful for parent-child classes). Select the client from the left side of the screen and click on "Book" at the top.
    2. Add a New Client: Click on "Add New Client". At a minimum, input their email address. If available, add other details like first name and surname. After adding, the system will create an account for them and send an email invitation to set their password.
  4. Select the Location:
  5. Choose the location where the appointment, class, or event will take place.

  6. Pick the Appointment/Class/Event:
  7. Browse the available appointments and classes. Decide which one you'd like to book them for.
  8. Specify Booking Details:
  9. Choose the appropriate price band option. If required, select any Extras and specify the date.
  10. Complete the Booking Form:
    1. Fill in the required details. 
    2. Decide on the confirmation email option: If you'd like the client to receive a standard confirmation email, tick the "Send Confirmation Emails" box.
    3. Click "Make a Booking". The system will process the booking and notify you when it's done.

Note: The cost displayed represents the typical fee for such bookings. However, since card details aren't captured here, no charge will be made. Confirmation emails and your register will reflect a zero charge.

2. Add a Manual Booking to a Class or Event From Group Overview

This video shows you how to quickly add a manual booking from the Group Overview:

Step by Step Instructions to Quickly Add a Manual Booking for a Class or Event in Book That In:

  1. Access the Group Overview:
  2. Navigate to your Group Overview on Book That In.
  3. Locate the Desired Class/Event:
  4. Browse through your classes or event to find the one you are booking your client into.

  5. Access the Actions Menu:
  6. For the particular term or date you want to add a booking to, go to its Actions menu and select the "Add Booking" option.

  7. Choose a Client Option:
  8. a) Find a Client: If the individual has booked with you before, search for their details. You can use the booker's first name, last name, participant's name (useful for children's or parent-child classes), or email address to find them. Pick the correct individual from the displayed results and click on "Book".
  9. b) Create a Client: If this is their first time booking with you, opt to create a new client profile. Enter their email address, first name, and last name, then click on "Book"Note: Doing this will generate a Book That In account for your customer and send them an email invitation to set a password. This makes future bookings easier and lets them access their booking details.

  10. Choose The Booking for Your Client:
  11. Specify under which ticket or price band you want to book them, e.g., for a single session, plus any Extras.
  12. Fill in the booking form with relevant details.

    Note: The listed cost indicates the typical charge for such a class, but the client won't be charged during this manual process.

  13. Confirmation Details:
  14. Decide whether you want to send them a confirmation email. If you've previously informed them about the manual booking, you might choose not to. However, if you want them to receive standard confirmation details, including location specifics, ensure you send it.

  15. Booking Process Completion:
  16. Click on "Make a Booking" to finalise the booking.