Sometimes you will want to hide a class or event so it can't be seen on your website or branded booking widget.

This can be particularly useful for giving your existing customers priority booking options on a new term or event before opening it up to the public.

Or perhaps you have set up a private event, or an event is far in the future and you want to encourage your customers to book an event that is closer.

Whatever the reason, it's really easy to do.

Note: When you 'Hide from Widget', the event will still be bookable on the Book That In website. If you want to make it so no one can book, but you don't want to archive the event, then you should cancel the event.


  1. Login at
  2. Go to your Group Overview
  3. Find the class term or event date in question
  4. Click the 'Actions' dropdown
  5. Select 'Hide from Widget'

You can display it again by doing the same thing as above and selecting 'Show on Widget'