If you have added a class or event by accident, or if you want to remove it as it is no longer needed, then you can Archive the class or event.

This is effectively the same as deleting the class/event, however you can still bring it back later if needs be.

When you archive an event, customers can no longer book it and it will not appear in your admin area or Group Overview, unless you select the 'Show Archived' option.

Here's how you archive a class or event:


  1. Login at bookthatin.com
  2. Go to your Group Overview
  3. Find the class you wish to Archive - you can either archive the class/event and ALL its terms/dates (past, current and future), or you can archive just a single term/date
    1. To archive the whole Class/Event, click the Options dropdown and select 'Archive'
    2. To archive a single term or date, click the Actions dropdown, and select 'Archive'

You can un-archive by ticking the 'Show Archived' box at the top of the Group Overview, and then repeating the steps above, but this time selecting 'Un-Archive'.