From time to time, you may need to refund a customer (e.g. if they miss a session or you need to cancel a session).

You may also need to charge a customer's card for an additional amount (e.g. if they purchased something in class or if they want to upgrade their booking).

In these instances, you can use Book That In's Charge or Refund feature.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how it works:

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Go to Business —> Group Overview
  2. Click on the ‘View Attendance’ icon for the class or event in question - it looks like this:
  3. Find the contact you need to refund from the list and click the ‘triangle’ icon next to their name - select 'Charge/Refund' from the drop down.
  4. On the pop up, select 'Refund' from the dropdown and enter the amount you would like to refund. If you leave it blank or set to 0, then nothing will be refunded. If you try to refund more than the customer has paid, then the action will fail.
  5. Click ‘Process'. If the refund was successful, you will see an alert to tell you so.
  6. The system will NOT send an email to your customer, so you will need to do this to confirm the refund.