If your customer needs to change the dates on their booking, then you can use the 'Move' function to achieve this.

This might happen in a few circumstances:

  1. They might need to move a single date booking to another date
  2. They might no longer be able to attend a date(s) within a block booking and you want to free up the space for that date so someone else can book

If you need to cancel the whole booking (not just particular dates in a booking), see this tutorial instead.

How to amend the dates of an existing booking

  • From the Attendance Register, click on the blue arrow next to the booking in question
  • Select 'Move'
  • On the pop up, select the SAME class as the existing booking
  • Switch send email to 'Yes' to automatically email the customer confirmation once complete.
  • Click the option to 'Select Dates'
  • De-select the booked dates that can no longer be attended, and select any new dates that might apply
  • Click Next
  • Select the correct option from the dropdown - if required, you can process a refund or charge.
  • Click 'Complete'

Here is a video that walks you through the process: