Using the 'Waiting List Only' functionality in book that in, you can set any of your events or classes so that people visiting your website or booking widget only get the option to join a waiting list, and are not allowed to book.

You can still share a direct link to that class or event that will allow people to book, whilst people visiting your website are only presented with the option to join the waiting list.

Functionality could be handy in several situations, for example:

  • You want to stop or pause bookings via your website for a period of time
  • You want to see if there is interest for a new class or event before taking bookings
  • You want to allow people to join the waiting list for a class, whilst giving existing customers a priority window to book before everyone else.

This video explains how you can set a class or event to 'Waiting List Only' on your website and booking widget, and how you can share a direct link that still allows selected people to book, despite this:

How to Set Classes or Events to 'Waiting List Only' in Book That In


1. Switching an Existing Class/Event to Waiting List Only:

    - Navigate to Business -> Group Overview.

    - You'll be presented with a list of all your events and classes.

    - Locate the specific event/class you want to modify.

    - Under the Actions dropdown next to the desired class/event, select "Make Waiting List Only".

    - To confirm, visit the booking page on the branded widget. The status should now display as "Waiting List Only".


2. Reverting the Waiting List Only Status:

    - To allow bookings again, navigate to the same Actions dropdown as above.

    - This time, click "Allow Bookings".


3. Setting Up a New Class/Event as Waiting List Only:

    - Start the process of creating a new event or class.

    - As you enter the details, look for the "Waiting List Only" option at the bottom.

    - Set it to "Yes".

    - Ensure "Show on Widget" is set to "Yes". This will display the class/event on your website, but as "Waiting List Only".

    - Proceed with the rest of the class/event creation process.


Allowing Exclusive Bookings through Direct Link


i. Using Email Templates for Notification Emails:

    - Although the event is set to "Waiting List Only" on the website, people can still book if they have the direct link provided in the notification emails for ‘Notify Waiting List Email’ or ‘Notification Email for non-recurring bookings’.

    - The email notification link will bypass the "Waiting List Only" status, allowing recipients to book directly.


ii. Generating a Direct Booking Link:

    - Even if an event is set to "Waiting List Only", the link at the term or date level still permits booking.

    - Clicking to generate this link provides a warning that the link will allow bookings even though the event is set as "Waiting List Only".

    - This link can be shared with specific individuals, allowing them to book directly. To others accessing the website, the event will still appear as "Waiting List Only".


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