If you have a customer who has no access to email or a computer and wants to book with you, you have two options when it comes to booking them onto your events, classes or appointments on their behalf. 

Option 1

If you have taken all their details, including their card payment information. 

I know it may seem like an overly simple solution, but in this situation you would book them on by simply 'pretending to be them', and booking in the normal way via your website, creating an account on their behalf, and entering all their booking information.

You should let them know when you are going to do this, and it's better to do live with them whilst you are on the phone, as when it comes to payment, their bank may ask them to authorise the payment. 

Option 2

If you have their details, but NOT their card information

If you are taking payment a different way (i.e. not through Book That In), then you can use our 'manual booking process' from the Clients area. This tutorial explains how to do that.