This tutorial explains how to cancel one of your customer's bookings, specifically when they've booked for group events like classes, workshops, or events. 

This feature is essential as there are instances when customers might need to cancel their booking due to unforeseen circumstances. We do not allow your customers to cancel their own bookings, as every business has different cancellation/refund policies - so your customers will need to contact you so you can then cancel the booking for them.

Warning! This cancellation process is for customers who would like to cancel their whole booking with you - so all future dates in a given booking. Do NOT use it to cancel a single date in a block booking.

Note: The system can only refund payments made for the booking being cancelled, so no payment can be refunded for a booking for which a payment hasn't been made.

Please follow this tutorial If you want to cancel a single date in a block, or amend/change the dates in a block booking.

This video shows you how to cancel a customer's Group Event booking:

Steps to Cancel a Customer's Booking:

  1. Navigate to the Group Overview: 
    • Click on the shortcut on your home screen, or 
    • Go to the business menu and select "group overview."

  2. Find the Event or Class: 
    • This will display a list of all your classes and events. 
    • Locate the desired event or class, for instance, the top one.

  3. Access the Register: 
    • Open the register; by default, it will display the next date in your block of events. 
    • To find the customer, either:
      1. Browse the list manually. 
      2. Use "Control F" (or "Command F" on Apple) to search and input their email address. 
    • Their details should then come up.

  4. Initiate the Cancellation: 
    • Click on the blue arrow next to the customer's row. 
    • Select the "cancel" option.

      Consideration: The register showcases only a single date, yet canceling here will cancel the entire booking, not just that single date. If you only want to cancel one date within a block, refer to the dedicated tutorial on this topic.

  5. Confirm Cancellation: 
    • If sure about canceling the entire booking, proceed by clicking on the blue arrow and then "cancel."

  6. Refund Details: 
    • The system will display the amount the customer paid. 
    • If you choose not to refund, leave the refund field blank. 
    • If you wish to refund a certain amount, enter that value (e.g., £35).

  7. Send Notification Email: 
    • Toggle the "send emails" option to "yes." 
    • This will automatically send an email to your customer, notifying them of the cancellation and, if applicable, the refunded amount.

  8. Complete the Cancellation: 
    1. Click "cancel booking." 
    2. The system will process the request and refresh the page. 
    3. You'll observe that any future dates in the booking are canceled, but past dates remain as a record of attendance. A new row is created at the bottom of the screen for the new, moved booking.

  9. Finished: The process is now complete, and the customer will have been notified of the cancellation (and any refund, if applicable).