In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to access the attendance registers for classes or events, and how to manage bookings from the register.

The attendance register is a versatile tool that can help business owners track and manage bookings with ease, offering a variety of features to keep everything organised and up-to-date.

This video walks you through an introduction to the Register:


  1. 1. Access the Attendance Register: 

  2. 1.1. Go to the 'Business' menu at the top of the page. 

  3. 1.2. Select 'Group Overview' to view a list of all the classes or events you run.

  4. 1.3. Find the event or class you want to access.  

  5. 1.4. Click on the icon with three little heads to open the attendance register for the selected event or class.

  6. 2. Understand the Layout: 

  7. 2.1. Notice that each row in the register corresponds to an attendee. 

  8. 2.2. The register defaults to showing the user email address, participant name, and the next date in the current block.

  9. 2.3. For one-off events, there's only one date in the block. For courses, there may be multiple dates.

  10. 3. Manage Attendance: 

  11. 3.1. You will see a toggle that says "No" next to each person. 

  12. 3.2. Click this toggle to mark an attendee as present. The toggle will change to "Yes."

  13. 3.3. For trial bookings, a pop-up will appear, offering to send out a "trial attended" email to attendees, inviting them to book for the rest of the block.

  14. 3.4. If you allow people to book single sessions or groups of sessions, the system will prompt you to send an "end of block" or "final session" email when you mark attendance for their last booked session.

  15. 4. Customise the Display: 

  16. 4.1. Click at the top of each column to choose the fields you want to display. 

  17. 4.2. Select any information you collected during the booking, such as date of birth or mobile number.

  18. 5. Take Action on Bookings: 

  19. 5.1. Click the blue triangle next to a booking to access options. Options include:

  20. 5.1.1. Move a booking to another day. 

  21. 5.1.2. Cancel a booking and process a partial or full refund. 

  22. 5.1.3. Process a one-off charge or a one-off refund. 

  23. 5.1.4. View the client in the client area to see all of their contact details and booking history.

  24. 6. Email Selected Attendees: 

  25. 6.1. Click on the squares next to the attendees you want to email. 

  26. 6.2. From the actions menu at the top, select "email." 

  27. 6.3. Input your subject and email content. 

  28. 6.4. Click "send" to email the selected attendees.

  29. Change the Date Display: 

  30. 7.1. Click on the "show date" dropdown at the top. 

  31. 7.2. Choose to show all dates or select an individual date. 

  32. 7.3. If showing all dates, you will see all dates with a column for each date. A circle with a line through it indicates no booking for that date, while "Yes" or "No" indicates a booking and whether they have been marked as attended.

The attendance register is a valuable tool for managing your bookings efficiently. If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can contact support at